eW Fuse Powercore – ultra-compact, high-performance LED grazing fixture

eW Fuse Powercore

eW Fuse Powercore

  • eW Fuse Powercore – ultra-compact, high-performance LED grazing fixture

    • High-performance illumination and beam quality
    • Ultra-compact form factor
    • Energy-efficient


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With narrow and medium beams of intense white or solid blue light, eW Fuse Powercore is an excellent choice for a full range of surface grazing and wall-washing applications. Its ultra-compact form factor permits installation in tight spaces too small to accommodate conventional grazing fixtures with similar light output. eW Fuse Powercore meets or exceeds the performance of comparable linear fluorescent grazing fixtures while lowering installation, energy, and maintenance costs. It offers environmentally-conscious buyers a green, energy-efficient grazing fixture with industry-leading quality and quantity of light.Integrated Powercore technology ensures rapid, efficient and accurate control of power output to the fixture directly from line voltage, eliminating the need for external power supplies. Use of standard wiring dramatically simplifies installation and helps lower total system cost.


Available in 2700, 3000, 3500 and 4000 K color temperatures for applications calling for warm, neutral, or cool white light; also available in solid blue
Narrow 10º x 60º or medium 30º x 60º beam angle options
End-to-end locking power connectors can make 180º turns; fixture rotates in 10° increments through 180° for precise aiming and color mixing
Dimming capability with many ELV dimmers; guaranteed perfect dimming from 0 to 100% with Precision Dimming version
Integrated Powercore technology


Indoor surface grazing
Indoor wall washing
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