Fugato Compact, general lighting

  • Fugato – performance in a new light

    • Allows optical variation with the 'dual optic' concept - the lower polymer optic can be ordered in high-gloss, matt-satin or white finish
    • Optically and thermally designed for optimum performance with compact fluorescent lamps
    • Extensive selection of high-performance optics and accessories available to meet specific application requirements


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Πληροφορίες για τη σειρά προϊόντων

The Fugato range of fixed downlights for general lighting consists of Fugato Compact (cut-out 175 mm), Fugato Performance (cut-out 225 mm), Fugato Power (cut-out 275 mm) and Fugato Full Metal (both 175 and 225 mm), which have all been designed for optimum performance – both optical and thermal – with compact fluorescent lamps.Optical variation is provided by Fugato’s ‘dual optic’ concept. The top optic is made of high-gloss aluminum. The lower polymer optic can be ordered in a high-gloss, matt-satin or white finish. The high-gloss (C) version complies with the UGRr19 norm (in accordance with EN12464-1, Lm < 1000 cd/m2 at γ > 65º) when used with the innovative round louver. A wide range of accessories is available for the CFL versions of both Fugato and Fugato Full Metal.


Μικροί λαμπτήρες φθορισμού
Ιδέα «διπλού οπτικού συστήματος»: Επάνω οπτικό σύστημα από αλουμίνιο υψηλής στίλβωσης. Κάτω οπτικό σύστημα από πολυμερές με φινίρισμα υψηλής στίλβωσης, ματ-σατινέ ή λευκό
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