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    Affordable, reliable, CE complying, high frequency electronic ballast for TLD fluorescent lamps Ideal alternative for electromagnetic (EM) ballasts


    Savings of 25% energy compared to electromagnetic “C-type” ballasts
    Instant start gives “direct” light
    HF-operation eliminates eye strain as caused by electromagnetic ballasts
    No igniter/capacitor needed, simplified wiring compared to Electromagnetic
    The HF-B TLD range has a robust design and meets internal safety, EMC and Immunity tests
    Offers the flexibility for simple wiring release possibility
    Including safety approbation via an external test-house covering IEC/EN 61347
    Automatic restart (after voltage dip or lamp exchange) ensures easy operation
    nd hassle free re-lamping


    Energy efficient CELMA EEI = A2
    Complying to CE, VDE-EMC, and ENEC
    50.000 hour lifetime at 75°C (Tc max) and >4.000 on/off switches on one lamp
    Active power factor correction, smart power
    Instant start, flicker-free start
    High power factor >0.96 with THD <15%
    Required battery voltage for guaranteed ignition 198 - 254 V
    Required battery voltage for burning lamps 176 - 254 V
    Nominal light output is obtained at the DC voltage of 220 - 240 V
    EMC compliant to EN 55015 2006 + A1 2007
    Universal connector WAGO 251


    Designed for applications where lamps burn for a long period of time and switching cycle (on/off) is infrequent (e.g. maximum 3 times a day)
    Ideal for installations such as department stores, airports, offices
    Suitable for high risk or explosive areas
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